Aquarius Campaign

Throughout history, humans have always sought answers to questions. Questions that arise from our anxieties, fears or shortcomings, but above all from what amuses us, what makes us happy and what motivates us.
As humans, we want to face our imperfections. We want to learn to fly, to be faster, stronger, sexier, go further or be smarter.
We wanted to be so perfect, that we created 'improved' versions of ourselves and called them Robots and Artificial Intelligences. Such seemingly perfect versions...! Did you know that in the near future more than 60% of the jobs we know will be done by robots and Artificial Intelligences? But can we really replace the role of humans?
Humans asks themselves questions, those that stem from their frustrations, their failures, their joys, their sorrows, their imperfections. They are capable of the worst, but also of the sublime, of surpassing themselves to become better. That is why there is something that truly makes us irreplaceable, something inherent to the human being. The DESIRE.
Desire is what drives us to try something over and over again until we get it right, and even if we sometimes get it wrong, it is desire that forces us to restart. There are times in life when we receive some news we would never have liked to hear, or when we think we won't get a second chance. But sometimes we just need a little push to show the world who we really are. And we'll be there with you, every time you fall and get up.
From a student who manages to get back on her feet after a bad result, to a gymnast who never loses the desire to try again and again until she succeeds.
Reaffirming oneself, refalling in love, being reborn... These things are more meaningful now than the first time we did them, because they show that we never give up.
Desire makes us unique. Even when there seems to be no hope. It is this desire to reinvent ourselves, to bring out the best in ourselves, that inspired the creation of "RETRY", an ode to the desire.
Shot by Owen Harris, director of Black Mirror, it captures the desire of human beings to continue learning despite making mistakes, or thinking that second chances don't exist. We take these first attempts as a period of training to later hydrate ourselves, recharge our batteries and re-thrill ourselves.
Rediscover the desire that drove you to try something for the first time and try again until you succeed. Each retry will be better than the last, because it will mean that you have never given up.



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