We have to see each other better "Tenemos que vernos mejor" Campaign

Ruavieja is aware that the consumption of his product is a social act and, as in relationships, it does not depend so much on quantity but on quality. That is why it has gone a step further than "We have to see each other more", to bet on 'We have to see each other better', created for Christmas 2021. The campaign is a message of encouragement and patience but being more present in each of the moments shared with loved ones. From Ruavieja we believed that it was necessary to value those moments and not lose sight of them, as we do with after-meals. The spot proposes the appointment of a couple who have not been really together for too long. "I don't want to see you anymore, I want to see you better" is the original song lyrics composed by Leandro Raposo and directed by Pablo Cebrián with the voice of Patricia Latherow, making her the true protagonist. The direction of the filmmaker Isabel Coixet has taken it to the field of cinema. The goal was to qualify the message to make him the leader of the majority. It is that when people ask for a shot, people think of Ruavieja.



Spot "I want to see you better"


Ruavieja has been working on its positioning for years as a traditional leading Spanish brand in the liqueur market at a key social moment: table talk. Being a brand that belongs to a large French drinks group, it fights to highlight its Galician origins as a symbol of tradition and craft. Over the last few years Ruavieja wanted to reclaim the importance of meeting friends and family as a key consumption moment through the popular “we need to see each other more often”. Despite the success of the communication, the liqueur brand continued to be unable to achieve the business and sales targets that would enable it to survive in a market amongst brands as powerful as Baileys and other own label brands.


Since 2017 when the viral campaign “we need to see each other more often” was launched, Ruavieja understood that the challenge wasn’t just success at a communication level but also obtaining results that convert to sales and strengthen brand consideration. For this reason, in 2021 they reached a key turning point to take the brand to a new solid, more productive playing field.
- New positioning that leads to higher sales
- Being a brand that challenges its main competitor
- Evolve the brand promise to take it a step further in brand purpose
- Become a brand capable of continuing to surprise, impact and excite consumers
- Making the brand promise more powerful and strengthen consideration


What opportunities does re-positioning give?
The strategic process started from the famous “we need to see each other more often” that Ruavieja had used in 2017 which had reached so many people in one way or another. Bearing in mind the aims of this new campaign, it was necessary to reconsider this concept and not just turn it into sales but into a powerful insight that people could connect with and find during consumption moments.
The “see each other more often” territory had been proven to be relevant to people, relevant because it stirred up feelings and stimulated “mea culpa”, but it had to be changed, it had to be taken further and made more positive.
We couldn’t make people see each other more often, first because Covid didn’t let us in many cases and in others it had the opposite effect, many of us had been obliged to see more of each other than desired during lockdown. That was the discovery, the fact that we had seen some people too much, experienced with such intensity, thanks to lockdown, would take us to the great reflection of QUALITY when we see each other, because that is something that we have control of, but not QUANTITY. Quantity, by excess or defect isn’t voluntary but quality is! And anything voluntary is stimulating.
What new space does the brand occupy and how did it get there?
Occupying the quality sector allowed us to also extend the strategic positioning of the product and the re-positioning of the brand then had a clear direction. We knew that “we have to see each other more often”, didn’t really work for the product, while “ we have to see each other better” placed value on all of Ruavieja’s attributes and highlighted its qualities. Beyond the message and the idea through which we told this story, was the re-positioning of the brand: Ruavieja is quality, because it talks from the best and not from more. And that is the space the brand deserves, to evolve its territory, become front of mind for consumers and strengthen sales.


The strategy had to capture through a story what would feel familiar to consumers or potential consumers of Ruavieja. That’s why we decided to tell it through a couple with a normal life while still introducing other characters who could also evoke other lives that would be familiar to viewers. Through the use of common place situations and above all by introducing consumption moments adapted to the story, the visual execution tried to excite the public through a very powerful insight: we see a lot of each other, but we have to see each other better. That truth was so powerful that it told its own story. Nevertheless, we wanted to rely on the music with lyrics written by our creative director Leandro Raposo and sung by Pablo Cebrián and Patty Latherow. Through this song the entire strategic process was recounted and adapted to this particular story. The ad was directed by Isabel Coixet and lauched at prime time on 18 November 2021. The campaign was shown on digital media, out of home, and in the press. It also had the participation of influencers and there were special actions. The song was launched on the radio and on digital platforms such as Amazon Music. iTunes and Spotify.


• The campaign had 14M plays on digital.
• On digital it reached 94M de impressions, 148% GRPs and 13M impacts.
• On TV, it obtained 504 GRPs, ‘We have to see each other better’ was #4 on SoV (in the alcoholic beverages sector) and got a 79% affinity.
• In PR, ‘We have to see each other better’ became the most mentioned brand action in the press at the end of 2021 , entering the top 3 Christmas campaigns of 2021.
• Visits to the Ruavieja page on Amazon doubled, with 9.4M impressions during the campaign and selling 297 bottles thanks to the ad hoc campaign for Amazon.
• During the first week of the campaign, the song was in the top ten most searched on Shazam and was played over 174K times on Spotify with 1.8 M people impacted.
• Ruavieja became #6 in liqueur brands to generate most conversation during the campaign (Baileys was #14).
• Engagement increased by 44% during the campaign.